Thursday, April 29, 2010

Answering questions about the pineal gland, answering questions from the pineal gland

It has occurred to me that people might not be familiar with the pineal gland, or know much about it, so here is the significance of my blog, enjoy!.  The pineal gland is a raisin sized, pine cone (hence the name) shaped gland located between the eyes and in the center of your brain.  Pine cones themselves being the seed of pine trees, exhibit the Fibonacci sequence when looked at from the bottom, exhibiting sacred geometry.  Renee Descartes called the pineal gland “the seat of consciousness” and it is the gateway to spirituality; being, higher realms of consciousness and tuning into higher frequencies beyond those available through the 5 senses.  By awakening the pineal gland, we can speed up our learning and our memory, enhance wisdom, intuition and creativity, and even awaken our psychic abilities.  When the adrenal gland is stressed, it presses down on the pineal gland secreting dimethyltriptomine (DMT).  This is the chemical released which produces the visions/ hallucinations one experiences from meditation, fasting, sleep deprivation, and out of body-near death experiences and since DMT is released during R.E.M sleep, it explains why our dreams can be extremely vivid yet impossible to articulate.  (and if you notice in my profile it says Divine Moments of Truth)
Other names for the pineal gland include the crown chakra, the third eye and the minds eye because it has a lens, cornea and retina.  It also contains calcite crystals similar to the ones found in the inner ear.  The pineal gland is bioluminescent, it is sensitive to light, and when activated gives off light, hence the halo shown around enlightened beings.   
I would like to remind you all that this is pretty mainstream science and history, not an esoteric or mystical teaching, but why is it not mainstream in education?  I encourage you to look up any of the references I have and will continue to reference.  The pineal is revered in nearly all traditions and perhaps the potency of the truth would free us from the paradigm keeping civilization after civilization enslaved. The earliest examples of knowing about the pineal gland go back to the first civilization of Sumer.  The god Anu is shone wearing a pine cone on his head.  (Sumerians didn’t actually had gods, they were called Anunakki which was the series of kings beginning with Anu, I’d like to get in this more but I shall remain on topic).  The Babylon god Tummuz is shown in carvings with a basket of pine cones and this represented the biogenic experiment they called humans (I think Ea was the Sumerian representation of Tummuz).  Moving forward a bit, Osiris, Dionysis (and Bacchus), and the pope all have pine cone staffs.  Shiva wears a pine cone on his head.  The Vatican has a pine cone court where there isn’t much except a 6 foot pine cone and 2 ibis birds (representations of Toth, in case there is still any question, yes, Catholics are pagan).  Free mason’s put the all-seeing eye on the one dollar bill, and formed a society to worship the dollar bill so that they being a higher power could control the people.  Another quick note on mind control: a matrix in geometry is a square or rectangle composed of rows and columns with numbers to keep people entertained while they suffer, how often do we find ourselves in places that fit this description?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

implications of a few beatles lyrics (OB) (CR)

here is the beatles song that i referenced in class...

Sail me on a silver sun
Where I know that I am free
Show me that I'm everywhere
and get me home for tea.
It's all too much for me to take
There's plenty there for everybody
The more you give the more you get
The more it is and it's too much.
It's all too much for me to see
The love that's shining all around you
The more I learn the less I know
But what I do is all too much.
It's all too much for me to take

however lsd induced these lyrics may be, there is a struggle in scope of material form (where moderation produces the most progress) and the metaphysical dimension (where too much is never too much).  love is metaphysical, but the limits of time we impose on our desire to see the entire universe as it is directly conflict one another.  i am reminded of the story of sarmad, the sufi master who was living in pure ecstasy and god-realization to the point that he would forget to go to the mosque to prey, and was beheaded because of this, but he didn't have to go to the mosque in order to pray.  this is very similar to the story of christ, he was crucified for not following laws which he knew from a greater perception than the narrow slit humans experience as the ego.  in god-consciousness, you experience the universe without space or time so that everything is immediate and present and all sense of material desire and suffering is annihilated.  

now i'm not a huge beatles fan, i do not like pop music, but "happiness is a warm gun" is one of my favorite all time tunes (it is not a pop song).  supposedly the song is about heroin addiction, as many of their songs are (fixing a hole),  but to me, happiness is a warm gun because "happiness" is metaphysical, and only through the connection to the material world can one be happy.  when the intention (metaphysical) taps into the material (action/ material) they harmonize and become seamless, the manifestation becomes divine, which is happiness (metaphysical loop petal). the gun is only warm when it has just been used, meaning that intention has succeeded in tapping into the material world.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


martin heidegger suggests that anxiety is useful in that it shocks you out of your life as a man in a crowd (das mann) with the reality that no one is going to die for you so we should focus on the essence of our being, enabling us to live an authentic life.
to me, anxiety and insecurity draw attention to what exists in our lives and is not acceptable in metaphysical nature, where pain plays the same role in the material world.  at first, anxiety nudges at our side for us to open up and adjust our attitude to alleviate the suffering.  but the ego tells us to repress these feelings because the ego is blind to positive and negative energy.  but the feeling doesn't go away, anxiety consume the person's life and causes every irrational and perhaps every inappropriate action. 
 with advanced pineal gland meditation, i have developed a keen sense to identify the anxiety and insecurity in a person. i have seen it plague the entire body and cripple the happiness and beauty in a person. my sensitivity to this phenomena becomes tangibly futile since it is the anxiety that becomes inflamed with the notion of being exposed so out of respect for the person's well being i am obliged to let it go even when i feels like i'm turning my cheek to an injustice.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

knowledge vs wisdom and preference vs objectivity

wisdom is a divine experience, and every word that comes out of our mouth is an attempt to tap into this wisdom... the buddha or jesus used words to create a wordless state of consciousness within their disciples. wisdom is instant, knowledge is accumulated, wisdom only appears when the ego disappears, the mind is only interested in knowledge... wisdom is intrinsically true, you cannot learn it, it grows in your heart it is an experience, it makes you mature and innocent at the same time, the win win situation.

knowledge can be true in the same way our preference can be true, but we cannot argue preference or taste, it is personal. wisdom is tapping into the metaphysical objective reality that lies behind all existence

it is simple to be knowledgeable,  all you have to do is read... but wisdom is risky, it is without qualities (feminine)

words are indicators for those who meditate, but to everyone else they are dangerous because they believe in the words for what they say and they miss the spirit

Saturday, January 30, 2010

reiteration of the process of relations from metaphysics to physics

the imagination is the abyss itself from which we pluck a piece to place in time and space, and thus the manifestation of existence occurs... material existence is only sliver of Existence (it would be like judging a person based on their physical features and ignoring their overall character). if we do not consider and dedicate ourselves to the realm of possibility we are forced to make decisions based on past experience, and thus disabling evolution or progress

Friday, January 29, 2010

if a thought exists, it exists in the metaphysical spectrum of reality. if a thought manifests into action, the action has already existed in two places with a conscious transition from possibility to actuality or metaphysical to physical reality which means the ability to filter the action should be applied and will be perceived accordingly

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

there are a few philosophical terms that i understand, yet don't find their meaning to be enough.... i will share what i mean by them and would like to know what people think about my observation.

objective (traditionally to me) means the opposite of emotive. but (non traditionally to me) an objective is a material example or a tangible experience that is a piece of the puzzle.
is the whole (puzzle). ie philosophy is the subject, while existentialism is the object of concentration within the subject.

the ego (in the form of emotions) binds us to categorizing the object based on its tangible form, yet if we were aware of the subjective or metaphysical dimension we could grasp a concept that not only applies to the examples that we experience but avoid the fear of new stimuli because only its physical features would be new. if we observe individual objects with similar attributes, there is a deeper essence that links them; the distinguishable function that determines it necessary for multiple examples with only slight variations to materialize.

to me, this is a useful distinction in metaphysics because as an observer we can only perceive objective reality through empirical data and rationality. though rationality is itself metaphysical, it only exists and becomes more efficient by empirical experience. the brain is a physical organ and the mind is a metaphysical emergent property of the material body. rationality is a tool of the mind, yet because it relies on sense experience to make inferences it is vastly limited.